Free Book Teaches You How To Reverse Your RA Symptoms Using Simple Functional Medicine Methods.

By: Dr Eva Maria Hasenbeck MD FEBO IFMCP

In this revolutionary book I give away some major secrets to how I’ve helped RA patients reverse their symptoms and live normal, happy lives without pain!

  • My 8-step MOMENTUM Process to find the root cause of your RA and to know exactly how to work on your symptoms (chapter 3)

  • The difference between conventional medicine approaches and revolutionary functional medicine approaches that can reverse your symptoms (chapter 4)

  • How to find out which lab tests are the right ones for your situation and what the results mean (chapter 6)

  • Why filling out a "timeline" will change the way you see your life and environment to let you finally find solutions for your symptoms (chapter 5)

  • The personal functional medicine therapy-plan, and why it covers all the major bases you need to address your symptoms (chapter 7)

  • Examples of supplements you can use for different symptoms and situations in your body, and how they will change you on a cellular level (chapter 8)

  • How the right nutrition can change your life as an RA sufferer - and easy diet choices you can implement TODAY (chapter 9)

  • Sleep tips and strategies to help you get the amount of sleep you must have to heal your body (chapter 10)

  • How toxic relationships might be holding you back from reversing your symptoms, and how to handle them (chapter 11)

  • Understanding your body´s innate "seismographic system", and how to use it for keeping your body healthy in the future (chapter 12)


Dr Eva Maria Hasenbeck MD FEBO IFMCP

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Hi, I’m Dr. Eva!

Because of my own health journey, I know what it´s like to be told, even from the specialists, that all my labs look fine, ignoring the fact that I was always tired and feeling old before my time.

In over a decade of practicing as a certified MD, I pushed the limits of conventional medicine. Now, I am taking it further, incorporating functional medicine to take you from "Pain Island" to "Pleasure Island".

Because everyone should be able to access the self-healing potential of their body.

Everyone deserves to live a rich, rewarding life without being held back because of pain and fatigue.

A few of my clients:

(Names and identifying details have been changed for confidentiality purposes)


Steve had already experienced a prescription odyssey with DMARD´s, steroids and even biologics when he first came to see me. He contacted me because he knew deep inside that there must be another opportunity to be the father he wanted to be for his kids, even with the RA diagnosis he had. He wanted to work hard on whatever it takes to reach his goal of having his life back again. He wanted to have less pain and more energy. He desperately needed to find a way to work on those symptoms. We did some advanced functional medicine lab tests and because of the results he got his personalized therapy plan. He was really eager to start implementing the plan and after a couple of weeks he was able to reduce his pain medications. And so his life changed bit by bit and he finally managed to have his energy back and to live a happy, rewarding life with his family.


Kate had RA since she was twenty-two years old. You could see on her hands that many of the finger joints were swollen and red. Usually she tried to hide the hands so that nobody would see the deformed fingers. She was on nearly every drug you can imagine for RA.

She was desperate because she couldn´t fulfill her job as a tax consultant anymore. She needed many sick days off because of her pain. This made her feel even worse.

She felt really frustrated in her current situation and was willing to do whatever it takes to get her life and health back.

After we found out the underlying causes of her symptoms she started with her personalized therapy plan and felt little improvement in her morning stiffness and pain after a bit more than four weeks.

Her health further improved and she had more energy overall. And her symptoms came back less and less often. And because of her amazing achievements and her own healing journey she now knows how she can keep her body healthy in the future.


Why am I giving away this book for free?


Because my goal with this book is to help more people than I possibly could just by seeing them one-to-one in my office. I’m able to give it away for free because many of my readers are so impressed with the contents, they call me and ask to work with me directly.


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